PI社は、校正済みの粒子測定装置を使用し、ISO 14644-1に従って、クリーンルームの品質を監視することができます。



2001年以降、クリーンルームの分類は、US FED STD 209Eではなく、ISO 14644-1に従って行われています。次の表は、これら2つの規格におけるクリーンルームの分類をまとめたものです。




等級0.1 µm0.2 µm0.3 µm0.5 µm1.0 µm5.0 µm
ISO 5100,00023,70010,2003,520832 
ISO 61,000,000237,000102,00035,2008,320293
ISO 7   352,00083,2002,930
ISO 8   3,520,000832,000 


US FED STD 209Eによるクリーンルームの分類


等級0.2 µm0.3 µm0.5 µm5.0 µm
1,000  35,315247
10,000  353,1472,472
100,000  3,531,47024,720





PI Karlsruhe

PI Karlsruhe is the largest production and development site in the PI Group. Standard and custom products, mainly in the field of piezo-based positioning systems, hexapods, and magnetic drives are assembled and qualified here. All areas for mass production, including incoming goods inspection, are ISO class 8 cleanrooms.

In addition, PI Karlsruhe has a newly created ISO class 5 cleanroom that also considers all standards applied to EUV applications. The Special Products Fractal, in addition, has rooms classified according to ISO class 7 as well as ISO class 5 ultraclean workplaces. An ISO class 7 laboratory is available in the Development department.

Cleanroom classificationAvailable space in m2
ISO 5250
ISO 6 - 
ISO 7600
ISO 83,000

Cleanrooms at PI Karlsruhe

PI Ceramic, Lederhose

The entire process chain for multilayer production, beginning with tape casting, is realized at PI Ceramic in cleanrooms according to ISO class 6, 7, and 8; the assembly processes for piezo actuators and sensors of the Building Components product division also take place consistently in ISO class 7 or 8 cleanrooms. Depending on the process requirements, ISO class 7 to 9 cleanrooms are available for further selected processes such as sputtering, screen printing, and dispensing.

Cleanroom classificationAvailable space in m2
ISO 6310
ISO 7720
ISO 8620
ISO 9340

Cleanrooms at PI Ceramic, incl. building extension (completion in Q3/2020)

PI miCos, Eschbach

All assembly areas at PI miCos, including incoming goods inspection, are ISO class 8 cleanrooms. Some of these cleanrooms contain ultraclean workplaces with ISO class 5. The Engineered Systems division also has an ISO class 7 cleanroom.

Cleanroom classificationAvailable space in m2
ISO 510
ISO 6 - 
ISO 760
ISO 8650

Cleanrooms at PI miCos

PI USA, Hopkinton

PI USA has an ISO class 8 assembly island in the production area, which includes measuring capabilities, cleaning, and packaging under cleanroom conditions.


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Manufacturing in Cleanrooms at PI (Physik Instrumente)
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