C-663.12C885 Mercury Step Stepper Motor Controller Module

High microstep resolution
Fast-running motor (output voltage 48 V, even at lower operating voltage)
Closed-loop operation of 2-phase stepper motors
Support for external sensors
ID chip detection for fast startup

Mercury Step controller module for 2-phase stepper motors

1 axis. Microstep resolution: 1/2048 full step. Closed-loop operation. Point-to-point motion, trapezoidal velocity profile. Fast-running motor, even at lower operating voltage.

Extensive functionality

Powerful macro command language. Nonvolatile macro storage, e.g., for stand-alone operation with autostart macro. Data recorder. ID chip for fast startup. Parameter changing during operation. Extensive software support, e.g., for LabVIEW, dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux.


Differential signal transmission for digital (A/B) encoder signals. TTL inputs for limit and reference point switches. Input for RS-422 signals for index switch. I/O lines (analog/digital) for automation.

Plug-and-play installation in the C-885 PIMotionMaster

Can be inserted in any free slot. Automatic detection and external communication (USB, Ethernet) by the processor and interface module of the C-885. Can be expanded with optional digital inputs and outputs. Power via the power supply of the C-885.


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