C-867 PILine® Motion Controller

Integrated power amplifier with dynamic frequency control
Multifunctional encoder input: A/B, sin/cos, BiSS
Macro programmable for stand-alone functionality
Integrated interfaces: USB, RS-232, TCP/IP (dependent on model), SPI, I/O, joystick
Daisy chain networking
Trajectory support for 1- or 2-D motion patterns

Servo controller and power amplifier

Single or two-channel benchtop device with special PID controller for PILine® ultrasonic piezo motors. Network capable with up to 16 units on a single interface. Power amplifier for PILine® ultrasonic piezo motors and stages with performance class 1 and 2 piezo motors. Dynamic frequency control for optimum control.

Motion profiles

Point-to-point, trapezoidal velocity profile. User-definable trajectories (e.g., circles, sine curves) from externally fed points.

Encoder input

Differentially transmitted A/B signals (TTL) or sin/cos signals (1 Vss). BiSS interface for absolute encoders. Inputs for TTL signals from limit and reference point switches.

Interfaces and communication

All models with USB, RS-232, SPI, I/O, and joystick interfaces. Ethernet interface and digital joystick depend on model. Data recorder for recording operating data such as motor voltage, velocity, position or position error. Powerful macro programming language, e. g., for stand-alone operation. ID chip for fast startup. Parameter changing during operation. Extensive software support, e.g., LabVIEW, dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux.


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C-867 STEP

C-867 STEP