Q-521 Q-Motion® Miniature Linear Stage

Only 21 mm wide and 10 mm high
Direct position measurement with integrated incremental encoder, up to 1 nm resolution (optional)
Up to 1 nm encoder resolution
Up to 2 nm minimum incremental motion
Multi-axis system setups with adapter plate or bracket (available as an option)
Velocity 10 mm/s
Suitable for vacuum to 10-6 hPa, versions to 10-9 hPa available

Precision-class micropositioning stage

Q-Motion® stages are distinguished by their extremely small design and high position resolution in the nanometer range. The piezomotor drive principle and the electrical operation are inexpensive and can be customized.

PIShift piezo inertia drives

Self-locking when at rest, therefore no heat generation and no servo jitter. Velocity to 10 mm/s. 1 N push/pull force.

Direct-measuring principle

Versions with noncontact optical linear encoder available. Resolution 4 nm or 1  nm, depending on the version. Versions with encoder feature a reference point switch.

Vacuum and nonmagnetic environments

All Q-Motion® stages are suitable for operation in high vacuum to 10-6h hPa. Furthermore, ultrahigh vacuum variants for 10-9 hPa are also available. Nonmagnetic versions are available on request.

Fields of application

Industry and research, metrology, microscopy, micromanipulation, biotechnology, and automation.


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Drawings / Images

PI Q-521.340 Drawing
PI Q-521.240 Drawing
PI Q-521.140 Drawing


3-D Models


Q-521 STEP