L-220 High-Resolution Linear Actuator

Forces up to 125 N
Travel ranges 13 to 77 mm (½" to 3")
DC or stepper motor
Vacuum-compatible versions to 10-9 hPa on request

Reference-class linear drive

Combines high precision, high forces, and high dynamics. Versions available for vacuum environments to 10-9 hPa.

High-quality components

Ball screw for smooth feed. Nonrotating tip for uniform motion prevents wobble, torque, and wear at the point of contact. Incl. flat and spherical tip for decoupling forces. Noncontact limit switches protect the mechanics. A direction-sensing reference point switch supports automation applications. Position-controlled variants with differential encoder driver in the connector for safe signal transfer over distances up to 10 m.

Motor variants

  • Position-controlled DC motors with a gearhead and high-resolution rotary encoders allow for incremental motion of just 100 nm
  • High-performance and low-vibration 2-phase stepper motors with gear ratio allow precision positioning even without position control

Application fields

Research, Automation, Optical alignment


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Drawings / Images

L-220 Drawing




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L-2xx Linear Actuators
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3-D Models


L-220 3D Model