L-239 High-Load Linear Actuator

High feed force to 300 N
Travel range 52 mm (2")
Minimum incremental motion 0.1 µm
Velocity to 50 mm/s
Preloaded, low-friction ball screw
Vacuum-compatible versions to 10-9 hPa on request

Product overview

High-resolution high-load linear actuator. Stepper motor for high torque. Highly dynamic, closed-loop DC and BLDC motors for high velocities. Robust design for industrial environments. Versions available for vacuum environments to 10-9 hPa.

High-quality components

  • Ground ball screws for high velocities.
  • Stable bearing at shaft output reduces lateral forces on the pusher.
  • Nonrotating tip for uniform motion prevents wobble, torque, and wear at the point of contact.
  • Noncontact limit switches protect the mechanics. A direction-sensing reference point switch supports automation applications.
  • Optional on request and at additional charge: Increase of push/pull force to 1000 N.

Application fields

Research, Automation, Optical alignment


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Drawings / Images

L-239.50SD Drawing

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3-D Models


L-239 3-D model