L-406 Compact Linear Stage

Travel ranges from 26 mm to 102 mm (1" to 4")
Stepper motor or DC servo motor with and without gearhead
Direction-sensing reference point switch
Integrated optical limit switches

Precision-class linear stage

The linear stage has a ground precision leadscrew that ensures smooth running. The combination of recirculating ball bearing and the stress-relieved aluminum base ensures good performance data.

Drive types

  • .xxDD variant: DC servo motor for an average velocity up to 20 mm/s
  • .xxDG variant: DC servo motor with gearhead for high torques and resolution at low motor power
  • .xxSD variant: 2-phase stepper motor, low cost for minimum incremental motion with microsteps

Noncontact limit switches. Noncontact optical reference point switch with direction sensing in the middle of the travel range. Integrated rotary encoder on the motor shaft (variants with DC servo motor).

Recirculating ball bearings

When carefully assembled, recirculating ball bearings are distinguished by a beneficial combination of high load capacity, lifetime, maintenance-free operation, and guiding accuracy. The moving part of the stages is supported by four preloaded linear ball bearing units which run on two guide rails. Each bearing unit is made up of two independent rows of circulating ball bearings.

Fields of application

Precision microassembly, Research, Automation, Vacuum


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L-406 STEP