F-712.MA2 High-Precision Double-Sided Fiber Alignment System

Stacked Multi-Axis System for Aligning Fibers and Optical Components

F-712.MA2 High-Precision Double-Sided Fiber Alignment System
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  • Integrated scan routines for fiber optic alignment
  • Ideal for applications in silicon photonics
  • Extensive software package
  • Direct detection of the optical signal
  • Position sensors for high accuracy and operational reliability
  • Automatic alignment of several fibers in <0.5s

Fast and high-precision drives

The basis of the fiber alignment system is a very stiff XYZ setup consisting of three motorized linear stages and a P-616  NanoCube® nanopositioner. The low overall height simplifies integration in limited installation space. The motorized drives make longer travel ranges possible and at the same time, the NanoCube® nanopositioner ensures fast scanning motion and dynamic compensation of drift effects. Flexure guides and all-ceramic insulated PICMA® actuators guarantee a long lifetime. Because all drives are equipped with position sensors, it is possible for example, to reliably prevent collisions with expensive silicon wafers.

High-performance scan routines

The sophisticated scan routines are integrated directly into the controller. The performance is improved considerably and integration simplified. The system can manage all tasks in the field of fiber alignment. For example, double-sided systems allow simultaneous alignment of the transmitter and receiver.

Extensive software package

The software package supplied in the scope of delivery allows integration of the system into virtually any environment. All common operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS as well as a large number of common programming languages including MATLAB and NI LabVIEW are supported. Thanks to sophisticated program examples and the use of software tools such as PIMikroMove, the time between starting integrating and productive operation is shortened considerably.

High-resolution analog input

The controller receives the optical intensity signal directly via a high-resolution analog input. Complex setups with cameras are not necessary. Various distribution functions are available for determining the maximum intensity.

Application fields

Alignment of optical components, automatic wafer tests, assembling technology in silicon photonics


Datasheet F-712.MA2




Datasheet F-712.MA2



Technical Note F712T0019

Calculation of Optical Power - Using the F-712.PM1 Power Meter with F-712 High-Precision Fiber Alignment Systems
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Double-sided fiber alignment system with stacked XYZ linear stages and two NanoCube® Nanopositioners, E-712 digital controller with 4 analog inputs, firmware routines for extremely fast alignment functions, software package

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