HP-550 Hexapod

HP-550 Hexapod
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  • Six axes Parallel Kinematic System
  • Travel ranges linear 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm
  • Travel ranges rotation Rx, Ry 40°, Rz 60°
  • Maximum speed 2 mm/sec
  • Pivot Point can be set by the customer
  • User friendly software
  • Load capacity central (Fx; Fy) 30 kg / (Fz) 50 kg
  • Vacuum Datasheet

The HP-550 Hexapod system can perform motions in all six degrees of freedom. Due to the parallel kinematic design architecture, the system can achieve a much higher stiffness than a conventional stages stack.

Typical Hexapod appli­cations include antenna positioning, medical research, laser technology, semiconductor technology and optical systems. An optimized design insures maximum system stiffness and spatial resolutions up to 0.5 µm. Vacuum versions are available on request. The system use a Delta-Tau controller includes advanced algorithms for inverse kinematic transformations within a user-friendly software package.


Datasheet HP-550




Datasheet HP-550



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3D モデル

HP-550 3-D model

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