P-602 PiezoMove High-Stiffness Linear Piezo Actuator

P-602 PiezoMove High-Stiffness Linear Piezo Actuator
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  • Flexure guides for linear motion with minimum tip and tilt
  • Travel ranges to 1 mm
  • Forces to 100 N
  • Stiff and backlash-free construction
  • Available with integrated position sensor

Precision-class piezo linear actuator

Frictionless flexure-guided design minimizes tilting and low lateral offset. Integrated motion amplifier. High stiffness


PICMA® high-performance piezo drive

Piezoceramic actuators with all-ceramic insulation. Longer lifetime, humidity resistance and operating temperatures to 80 °C. The high-stiffness versions use 10 mm × 10 mm cross section PICMA® piezo ceramics actuators


Position sensor option for closed-loop operation

Strain gauge sensor made of metal foil: Compact and with a non-linearity to 0.5 % for high position stability and repeatability. Indirect position measurement


Fields of application

Research and industry. Ideal OEM actuator for force generation in adaptive systems technology, for nanoimprint processes or machine tools



Datasheet P-602 (英語)




Datasheet P-602 (英語)



User Manual P602T0001

P-602 PiezoMove High-Stiffness Linear Piezo Actuator
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3D モデル

P-602 STEP

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