P-111 – P-151 PICA Shear Actuators

Single and multi-axis versions
Travel ranges to 10 × 10 × 10 µm
Extreme reliability: >109 cycles
Picometer resolution
Short lead times

Piezo shear actuators

Operating voltage -250 to 250 V. Lateral motion is based on the piezoelectric shear effect. Excellent dynamics with minimum electric power requirement.

Versions with inner holes or for use in cryogenic and UHV environments up to 10-9 hPa


Available options

  • PZT ceramic material
  • Non-magnetic versions
  • Operating voltage range, displacement, layer thickness, cross-sectional dimension
  • Load capacity, force generation
  • Mechanical interfaces: flat, spherical, metal, ceramic, glass, sapphire, etc.
  • Extra-tight length tolerances


Fields of application

Industry and research. For scanning applications, microscopy, precision mechanics, switching applications



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Drawings / Images

PI Principle of Shear Motion Drawing
PI PICA Shear Axis Cabling
PI P-111 Drawing