UPR-120 Ultraprecision Rotation Stage

PI UPR-120
Unlimited travel range
Velocity to 360 °/s
Incremental angle measuring system with 0.017 µrad resolution
Clear aperture with 35 mm diameter
Optional: Air bearings for optimized flatness

Reference-class rotation stage

High travel accuracy. High position resolution due to incremental encoder with analog signal transmission (sin/cos, 1 Vpp)

Magnetic direct drive

3-phase magnetic direct drives do not use mechanical components in the drivetrain, they transmit the drive force to the motion platform directly and without friction. The drives reach high velocities and accelerations. Iron core motors are used when forces and accelerations need to be achieved in a limited installation space. The design with iron cores maximizes the magnetic forces and ensures high thermal stability of the drive.

Application fields

Medical industry, Sample inspection, Precision microassembly, Research, Biotechnology, Semiconductor technology, Metrology, Automation, Cleanroom


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