PRS-200 Precision Rotation Stage

PI PRS-200
Unlimited travel range
Repeatability to 0.5 µrad
Load capacity to 50 kg
Option: Direct position measurement with angle measuring system

Reference-class rotation stage

Worm drive with high gear ratio for precision positioning. Excellent flatness and concentricity due to preloaded crossed roller bearings. Large aperture with 120 mm Ø. Two adjustable limit switches.


  • DC servo motor with rotary encoder on the motor shaft
  • Stepper motor
  • Option: High-resolution optical angle measuring system for direct position measurement
  • Vacuum versions available on request

Option: Measurement of the travel accuracy and positioning accuracy

Individual measurement logs available on request for wobble, axial, and radial creep. Please specify when ordering.

Application fields

Medical industry, Sample inspection, Precision microassembly, Metrology, Photonics, Vacuum


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