WT-100 Motorized Precision Goniometer

PI WT-100
Rotation range 10°
Repeatability to 8.7 µrad
Load capacity to 2 kg
Option: Direct position measurement with angle measuring system
Combination with WT-85 with common pivot point

Precision-class goniometer stage

Drive with high gear ratio for precision positioning. Two limit switches. Large clear aperture with 60 mm × 25 mm.

Can be combined with WT-85 for 2-axis motion with common pivot point.


  • DC servo motor with rotary encoder on the motor shaft
  • Stepper motor
  • Option: High-resolution optical angle measuring system for direct position measurement
  • Vacuum versions available on request

Application fields

Precision microassembly, Metrology, Photonics, Optical alignment


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Drawings / Images

Goniometer Vectors Drawing
WT-100 Stepper Motor Drawing
WT-100 DC Motor Drawing
WT-100 Drawing

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