PIglide HS Planar Scanner with Air Bearing

Ideal for scanning applications or high-precision positioning
Cleanroom compatible
Travel ranges to 500 mm × 1000 mm
Load capacity to 245 N
Resolution to 1 nm
Velocity up to 2 mm/s

PIglide reference-class XY positioning system

The PIglide HS planar scanner has magnetic linear motors, vacuum preload and an absolute encoder: Contact- and friction-free motion for the highest accuracy and reliability.

Absolute encoder

Absolute encoders supply explicit position information that enables immediate determination of the position. This means that referencing is not required during switch-on, which increases efficiency and safety during operation.

PIMag® magnetic direct drive

3-phase magnetic direct drives do not use mechanical components in the drivetrain, they transmit the drive force to the motion platform directly and without friction. The drives reach high velocities and accelerations. Ironless motors are particularly suitable for positioning tasks with the highest demands on precision because there is no undesirable interaction with the permanent magnets. This allows smooth running even at the lowest velocities and at the same time, there is no vibration at high velocities. Nonlinearity in control behavior is avoided and any position can be controlled easily. The drive force can be set freely.

The positioning system was designed to both maximize the throughput and ensure the highest precision. The flexible coupling of the bridge axis to the gantry axis allows lateral decoupling without sacrificing the stiffness of the system.

Operation with digital controllers from leading manufacturers offers advanced control algorithms for improving the dynamics and error compensation.

Accessories and options

  • PIglide filter and air preparation kits
  • Additional axes
  • Machine bases
  • Base plates made of granite and systems for reducing vibration

Application fields

PIglide positioning systems are ideally suited for many high-precision applications, such as metrology, photonics, and precision scanning as well as in semiconductor or flat panel display manufacturing.

Thanks to the friction-free motion, no particles are formed, which makes PIglide stages ideal for cleanroom applications.


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Whitepaper: Air Bearings: When to Use and When to Avoid in Your Motion Applicaition

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