Contactless and Contamination-Free Measuring with Ultrasound

Ultrasound has been used to realize fluid metering for many years – be it in pipelines, tanks, silos, or even in water meters. Automated process monitoring is one of the most important applications of fluid metering in the industry – measuring must be quick, precise, safe, and maintenance-free therefore ensuring product quality and throughput, e.g., in production lines or industrial plants. In addition to fluids, often air bubbles are detected in tubes of industrial plants.

In order to carry out ultrasonic measurements, sensors are applied to the tube or pipe, mostly on the outside, and sound impulses penetrate into it. Ultrasound can recognize the flow of various media contactlessly and without contamination.

With piezo technology these ultrasonic sensors can work reliably and save energy – piezo-ceramic components offer the best conditions to generate and detect ultrasonic waves.

PI offers customer-specific piezo ultrasonic transducers that can be integrated in ultrasonic sensors. Thanks to its longstanding experience in piezo technology, PI can also offer assembly to its customers, for example, gluing or soldering of the piezo elements as well as a higher refinement, such as contacting with flexible printed circuits.

PI supports you with piezo solutions for applications such as:

Fluid metering
Air bubble detection
Level detection
Leakage detection
Completely Contactless Monitoring of Liquids and Gases
完全に自動化された流量測定や気泡検出は、液体を移動させて監視する必要のある多くの産業システムの基礎となっています。消費者用 ー あるいは大型の水道メーター、パイプラインでのガス流量測定、食品や製薬業界の工場での気泡検出など ー 超音波は様々な媒体の流れを非接触で、つまり汚染することなく検出することができます。

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