Ultrasound for Detection and Communication Under Water

Ultrasound has been used for a long time and extensively in hydroacoustics and also occurs naturally in marine animals. This animal navigation function developed millions of years ago – dolphins and wales can orient themselves thanks to ultrasound with their echolocation even in the darkest seas and find their prey.

Submarines also use ultrasound technology for detection; here, ultrasonic sensors can measure the distance under water or locate beacons in airplanes or ships.

Since ultrasound waves can travel over long distances under water, they are used, for example, also for cartography of the seabed.

The wireless underwater communication with ultrasound opens up one more large application area for monitoring climatic and biologic changes, and to explore and observe the oceans and underwater world. For this, underwater sensors use ultrasound for communication and to transfer data in the water. Autonomous underwater vehicles can, for example, recognize and avoid obstacles on their route.

Hydroacoustic applications profit from piezo technology. The low frequencies, generated by piezo components, are perfectly suitable for use in in direction-finding ultrasonic beacons for object detection.

Such demanding applications require special piezoceramic components with special geometries, for example large tubes or hemispheres.

PI develops and manufactures customer-specific piezo elements and supports customers with technical know-how and longstanding experience in piezo technology.

PI supports you with piezo elements for applications such as:

Locator beacons
Underwater communication
Communicating Under Water over Several Kilometers

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