Driving Forward Progress in Medical Technology

医療の研究、診断、治療の進歩には、高性能で精密なモーションシステムやポジショニングシステムが必要です。高い位置決め精度、コンパクトなサイズ、低エネルギー消費、スピード、絶対的な信頼性など、使用されるドライブには様々な要求があります。However, the applications are so varied as are the technologies and solutions with which PI supports its customers on all levels of value creation: From surgical robots through aperture adjustment in radiotherapy to the precise, targeted positioning of patients on operating tables that can be adjusted in six degrees of freedom.

In all of this, PI products are part of higher integrated end or intermediate products - and often, motion and positioning solutions from PI are also used in manufacturing technology.

Patient Couch for Radiotherapy
外部放射線治療は、主に頭部、肺、乳房、前立腺などの腫瘍に適用されます。In this case, an accurate alignment of the patient is required in order to ensure that the radiation only hits the tumor and, therefore, causes as little damage as possible to the surrounding tissue.
Refractive Surgery
Refractive Surgery
In refractive surgery, high-precision positioning and motion control of the laser are decisive for good results. Piezo-driven stages and tip/tilt mirror systems offer the requested precision, are dynamic and fast and thus additionally help to reduce the treatment time.
Nonsensitive Drives for MRT
Nonsensitive Drives for Magnetic Resonance Tomography
Drives in magnetic resonance tomography for moving sensing probes, samples, or diaphragms must operate in magnetic fields with up to several teslas. The functioning of piezo drives cannot be influenced by strong magnetic fields nor do they themselves become a source of interference.
Adaptive Diaphragm Positioning
Adaptive Aperture Adjustment
Multi-leaf collimators help to protect healthy tissues during radiotherapy. By moving individual leaves, the contour of the aperture is adjusted to the projection of the tumor for the respective radiation direction. Piezo-based linear motors are particularly suited for this task.

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