Ultrasound for Gentle Medical Interventions

Medical therapeutic options continue to develop steadily and so does also the possibility to develop ever new treatment methods. The modern methods ensure gentle, partly also outpatient, therapeutic procedures. "Minimally invasive therapy" is the buzzword. In the past years, such medical interventions, e.g. with the help of the keyhole technique, have replaced the open surgeries that were common for many diseases in the past. For patients, this means gentler procedures, less risks, and a quicker recovery. The prerequisite for this are modern medical technological devices that make such interventions possible. Ultrasound is a powerful tool for this purpose – ultrasonic scalpels and power ultrasound ensure fast incisions and coagulation of wounds, shorter surgeries, smaller fields for surgery, faster wound healing, and less tissue trauma and therefore less blood loss.

With ultrasound technology, surgeries that are completely incisionless can be realized. Focused ultrasound makes a completely contactless coagulation of tissues possible by bundling the sound waves in a targeted manner. An important field of application is the treatment of tumors or even the targeted release of medication.

In dentistry also, the use of ultrasound is equally popular – a very gentle treatment technique using ultrasound has the advantage of manipulating the bone without a scalpel. The ultrasonic waves interact only with hard tissues such as bones or teeth without damaging soft tissues, nerves, or blood vessels.

This treatment techniques are based on ultrasound, which is generated by piezo elements. The piezoceramic elements that are used in medical instruments can be produced in the most diverse shapes and sizes.

For example, tiniest piezo elements, smaller than 1 mm, are used in catheters that are applied for cardiovascular procedures close to the heart and perform life-saving procedures as gently as possible.

In order to develop and produce suitable piezo elements for the respective application field, PI works closely with its customers right from the start. With its technical know-how and longstanding experience in piezo technology, PI can produce piezo ceramics in a wide range of dimensions, designs, and quantities – entirely according to the wishes of the customers.

PI is your partner for medical technology solutions for applications such as:

Ultrasound for ultrasonic scalpels, phacoemulsification or dental scalers
Focused ultrasound
Non-invasive intravascular therapies
Generating Non-Invasive Ultrasound Within the Body
Enabling Tissue Management With Ultrasonic Handpieces

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Piezo Transducers for Contactless Treatments

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